Central Alabama Koi & Water
Garden Society
  The Central Alabama Koi & Water Garden Society is an organization for the enjoyment of ornamental garden ponds and Koi keeping. We are affiliated  with the Associated Koi Clubs of America, Water Gardeners International and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
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Water Gardening
The Central Alabama Koi and Water Garden Society is an organization for the advocation, education and enjoyment of ornamental garden ponds. We share our experiences with each other and with the public on many topics related to pond care, aquatic plants, land scaping, and fish keeping. We also tour other ponds and invite speakers on fish, pond design & maintenance, and aquatic plant care. We swap plants and enjoy the fellowship of other hobbyist with like interests.

Koi Keeping
We are also an organization for people who are interested in the keeping and exhibiting of Nishikigoi or ornamental carp, better known as "Koi". We promote the hobby to the public and emphasize the beauty of the "high end" show quality specimens. We engage in the education of pond design, water quality, filter systems, koi diseases and treatments, koi selection and judging criteria, and general koi care. We serve as a clearing house for people who have fish to give away, and people who want to adopt them.

In order to better balance water gardening with koi keeping, we now have a water gardening committee chaired by Al Stancil. .

We will begin our 2013 season with a new President.
Danny Hall is our new president and meeting places have been assigned.
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